TSTOS 18 continues from where the previous event was left. Uusimaa succeeded to rob the mysterious “RSV”-device, while Pirkanmaa managed to control the oil pumps.
Main events in TSTOS 17

Fighting in Ilveskallio was more fierce than ever, when Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa tried to race towards figuring out the mysterious code and finding the RSV-device. In the middle of all this, the civilians in Ilveskallio were trying to live their own, sometimes very uneasy lives.

However, villagers unintentionally became involved in solving the code by holding various clues as well as working closely with Pirkanmaa forces. After getting hold of several different codes, Uusimaa got the RSV's main and launch codes, during which Pirkanmaa had stolen the RSV from Uusimaa.

Uusimaa forces gathered all its military power to capture the RSV as the Pirkanmaa tried to transfer the device from the area to safety. Finally, Uusimaa succeeded in capturing RSV back. During that battle Pirkanmaa suffered heavy losses and had to withdraw its forces from the entire Kanta-Häme area. At the same time, the Mafia in Tiirikylä took advantage of the situation and displaced the village council and the village police recognized earlier by Pirkanmaa.

Events after TSTOS 17

What happened after the TSTOS 17

When the Uusimaa was moving the RSV away from Ilveskallio, the Åland and Swedish Air Force hit the area with illegal cluster bombs trying to prevent RSV from being moved.

However, the RSV was transferred to behind the Uusimaa lines and investigations started about how the device functions. It turned out that the RSV was a device being transferred to the US Central Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA. However, the device was only a prototype, and Uusimaa was not yet able to utilize it in its energy production.

ReMedTech investigated the device for months and ended up with a conclusion that gold would be the key to produce suitable materials and components needed for the development of the RSV. Due to the fact that Uusimaa only controlled Southern Finland and Finland being under international sanctions, their only option was to settle in Kanta-Häme’s gold veins.

A mining company called Sewell Mining offered to mine the gold.


Events of TSTOS 18

Pirkanmaa and Ahvenanmaa were unable to accept the ongoing situation and created an alliance to remove Uusimaa presence from Kanta-Häme and gain access to the RSV and the gold deposits. Pirkanmaa agreed to recognize Ahvenanmaa as a sovereign state and provide them with energy from the RSV-device.

Once again Ilvekallio is in the hotspot of the conflict. Luckily this isn’t new to the civilian population. At the moment the village is under control of the mafia and a national guard established by mafia.

Aiming to establish peace in the region, Uusimaa is cooperating with an international aid organization demining cluster bomb remains from the area.