Rules and instructions

Game on, game off and game over

  • The game starts with a Game on -call by the game masters on thursday evening.
  • The game can be stopped with a Game Off -call.
  • Game master must be informed immediately, if a player calls the game off.
  • The game can be continued with a Game On -call.
  • The game masters should be informed about any civilians in the game area.
  • The game will be ended by the game masters Game Over -call on sunday afternoon via radio and shouting.
  • After the game ends we don not reccomend taking your eye protection off before entering your base. After the game ends do not fire your weapon unless emptying the chamber.
  • Every game related shouts should be repeated.

Eye safety

  • Only approved safety goggles/masks (military grade and tested airsoft) are allowed in the event. No “rocket glasses” or poor airsoft goggles. Eye protection should be worn at all times during game time.
    Reminder from TSTOS 17 event
  • Ballistic glasses are only allowed for players over 18 years old. Using a mouth guard is recommended.
  • Suspicious safety equipment will be tested by game masters by shooting with at least a 3J weapon from a few centimeters (this is Finnish “standard”). Any broken equipment will not be refunded!


  • When you get hit, shout Hit loud and clearly and/or act accordingly. After being hit, take out your big orange deathrag and place it so others can see it!
  • In the dark you should also use a red glowing stick or a red lead in addition with your deathrag. It would be smart to also shoutdead player once in a while so that others know you are offgame. You are not obligated to mark yourself with a red light when wounded.
  • Clear ricochets from houses or vehicles do not count as hits
  • Hits to the players weapon disable it. Vehicle turret is not affected by bb hits. Fix your gun by visiting the main base or respawn point.
  • Hits to any equipment that the player is carrying are counted as normal hits.


  • A wounded player has 10 minutes to be healed before the player bleeds out. You are not allowed to try avoid get being looted by bleeding out sooner.
  • A wounded player can be knife killed with your hand. Shooting a wounded player on purpose is not allowed.
  • The wounded player can call ”Medic” or ”Lääkintämies” shouting or by radio, but can’t communicate about what happens around him.
  • Wounded player can be moved if aided by another player. Neither helper nor the wounded can use their weapons at that time.


  • Player can be healed by friendly or enemy medics or civilian doctors.
  • Medics are allowed to carry a maximum of 10 field dressings at once. Field dressings can be restocked by visiting the main base or respawn point. Players can bring their own field dressings but they are also provided by game masters.
  • There can be one medic per squad and he has to have a medic patch/armband (sold at check-in) on his right arm.
  • Healing a wounded player takes 2 minutes. After that, both the medic and the player can continue playing normally.
  • The player can be healed only once, unless the faction has achieved special permission for the players to get hit twice. Information about such permissions will be available from the HQ and possibly in the -website.


  • Respawning happens at a friendly respawn point, a rally point –cache or in the main base in half hour intervals at xx:00 and xx:30 (e.g. 13:00 or 14:30).
  • Company and battalion commanders respawn times are double (respawn is possible at the second available time)
  • Safety goggles must be worn at respawn areas.
Special rules for the civilians:
  • Civilians have to visit the town, ReMedTech or humanitarian relief agency doctor after being healed, or they will die within 60 minutes of their injuries
  • Madical assistance can only be given by a doctors listed above. The healing lasts 2 minutes after which the player must go and rest for 15 minutes at safe spot.
  • The civilians respawn at the civilian respawn point, that are located at the outskirts of Hakionkylä, Tiirikylä and Kalastajakylä
  • Respawning happens with a double timer, which means you have to wait over one respawn at the point to respawn.
  • The characters remains in game despite being respawned, but if instructed that the character dies the game masters will provide the player with a new personality.

Capture- and resourcepoints

  • The capture and resource points are flagboxes made by Ehasa.
  • The capture points are marked alphabetically in the Status-system. Respawning is allowed from capture points. There are respawn areas in the vicinity of the capture point from where you can respawn.
  • The resource points are numbered in the Status-system. You can not respawn at resource points. Resource points appear as gold mines and they have only one purpose and that is to collect gold for your faction to develop the RSV-device which further provides resources for the faction.
  • If the mining equipment is broken there will be instructions on how to fix it.
  • You can follow the situation live from the -website. Necessarily not every capture point is known to the faction and they can also be destroyed or used empty.
  • Capturing a flag point takes normally 30 minutes after pressing the button coloured by factions. Some of the buttons may be remotely disabled.
  • After 30 minutes the flag box will make a sound and after that the player has one minute to press the button again to confirm the capture. After this the flag box will be assigned to your faction.
  • The information about the capture will immediately transmit to the after the first press of the button.
  • It is not allowed to respawn from the capture point during the capturing process. The players have wait for it to be captured or go to another respawn point to respawn.


  • You can recognize rallypoint from small one man tent or tarp, colored tape around a respawn area and the faction flag on the tent/tarp.
  • Rallypoints are exhausted with use. Inside the tent there is a resourceboard where you mark every respawn you make. Respawning happens half hour intervals at xx:00 and xx:30 (e.g. 13:00 or 14:30).
  • Rallypoints are respawn points which can be set up anywhere in the game area.
  • Faction can obtain more resourceboards by completing missions or stealing them.
  • Faction can move their own rallypoints whenever they wish. Inform your superiors about moving the rallypoint so the information reaches faction leaders.
  • You can disable enemy rallypoints by stealing the resourceboards. You can use the boards in your team own cache.

Ingame money

  • There will be ingame money which is mainly used by civilians but regular players might get their hands on it in certain missions. Using other than money provided by the game masters is forbidden and might lead to a ban from the game.

Knife kill

  • For anything else than knife killing a wounded player, you need real looking soft replica knife or blade weapon.
  • Sneak up to your target, touch his body and say Knife Kill.
  • A knifed-killed person moans quietly for a moment and then lies dead still for 10 minutes

Knock out

  • Knock out is a good option to handle a person that you don’t want to eliminate.
  • Sneak up behind your target, touch his head and say Knock out.
  • The target falls to the ground quietly and stays still for 5 minutes.
  • After this, the target wakes up but does not remember anything from the last 5 minutes.
  • Players wearing helmets cannot be knocked out.


  • You can use so called less leathal weapons in game that do not kill the player. These are provided by the game masters.
    1. Training OC-spray, which deplys water or soap water.
    2. Tasers, which are colored waterpistols provided by the game masters.
    3. Batons, which are either made from plastic, foam or soft rubber(suitable for training-use).
  • Both taser and oc-spray are used by shooting a short spray at the enemys torso, not the face. Baton is used by touching softly the enemy in the arm or leg.
  • Using these methods may be wise for stopping ongoing larp fights with less lethal force.
  • When the player is sparayed, tazed or hit with a baton he is unconcious for 5 minutes.
  • The player can be taken prisoner after being sprayed, after which have will turn from being unconcious to captive.

Suicide- and IED-bombs:

  • Game masters appoint the use of suicide- and IED-bombs
  • The explosion of a bomb can be noticed by a loud explosion achieved by pyrotechnic effects and smoke grenades.
  • The user of the bomb informs which players around him are wounded.
  • The bomb affects an area of about 10x10 meters
  • Suicide bombers have the same hit rules as any other players. Wounded suicide bombers can’t trigger the bomb.

Searching a player

Players can be searched in the following ways:

  1. The player doesn’t want to be searched. The player must surrender all ingame material and he can’t use any hidden weapons after it.
  2. The player wants to be searched, even strip searched or patted down. The subject is informed that he can stop the search at any time by saying so. All weapons not found in the search can be used by the player.
  3. The player doesn’t want to be searched and wants to go offgame. The player must surrender all ingame material and he cannot be taken as a prisoner.
All ingame material found in the search can be taken away from the player.


  • You are allowed to take prisoners.
  • If a player is taken as a prisoner, his weapon can be confiscated if he’s fine with it. If the player grabs the weapon back, he can use it. Another option is to wrap colored tape (ex. red) around the barrel to mark the weapon as confiscated.
  • If a prisoner escapes/is released, he can use his taped weapon's after 5 minutes.
  • Imprisoned player can only knife kill with a hidden knife not found in strip search. The knife must be a soft replica and suitable for knife kills. You can however still use knock out.
  • Prisoners weapons cannot be used by other players.
  • A captured player can be "tied up" with a cable tie that lacks the locking tongue. The zip tie can be used only with the player's own permission and the hands must be "tied" to the front. The player must be able to remove the cable tie by himself
  • Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa can capture and deliver the civilians to a "Brigade-jail" by bringing the civililian to the factions base. By doing this the faction can remove temporarily a game character.The use of the "Brigade-jail" must always be informed to game masters - preferably in advance.


  • Anything that makes a noise or sets off an noticable effect by some sort of trigger/trap is to be treated as landmine.
  • If you trigger this kind of landmine, everyone in a 3 meter radius gets wounded.
  • Possible waste from the used landmine should be taken away before setting the mine up or after the mine has been set off.

Cluster bombs and minefields

  • As a result of the Åland and Sweden air bombardments, there are fixed minefields in the game area with cluster bombs.
  • The minefields are marked with a yellow "Mines" ribbons. There may be resource points or other key places inside the areas or the minefields may close roads.
  • Submunitions are displayed as painted clay pigeons.
  • Only the workers of an international relief organization equipped with a minesweeper can go in to the minefields. They remove all clay pigeons, announce this to the game masters, and only after that the minefield is removed and the area is safe to walk.
  • Some of the minefields have already been marked in the site.

Hand grenades

  • It is allowed to use commercial BB-grenades which wound players by hits of BB’s.
  • Loud banging grenades can be used. You must remember to inform the players near you before throwing a grenade by shouting "Grenade!". The loud banging grenades work only in houses and tents. It affects only one room. Between rooms there has to be a clear doorway, just one wall is not enough. After the sound goes off, everyone in the room gets wounded.
  • Note that most of the building in the game area do not have real rooms but they are divided into sections by partition walls.


  • Engineers are the only ones who can use AT-mines, open rooms with explosives or fix destroyed in game vehicles.
  • There can only be 1 engineer per group and he must wear an engineer -path (sold at check-in) visible at all times. Civilian players can also be engineers.
  • On the patch should be clearly a wrench otherwise it can look whatever you like.

Anti-Tank mines

  • Anti-tank mines are simulated by yellow wooden AT-mines. They are given to players by their commander and their number is limited.
  • Anti-tank mines are used to prevent vehicles from using roads.
  • If a vehicle drives over a mine, it is destroyed along with everyone inside. It cannot be repaired or any of the passangers be healed. The vehicle is destroyed even if the mine is between the tyres. For a road to be completely blocked, the mines have to be place so that the vehicles cannot bypass them.
  • For a road to be completely blocked, the mines have to be place so that the vehicles cannot bypass them. Ingame vehicles can go past the mines so long as the mine itself does not get under any part of the vehicle. Offgame vehicles are allowed to drive pass the mines.
  • Mine rules also apply on own vehicles.
  • It takes 1 minute to set up or disable one anti-tank mine and can only be done by an engineer.
  • It is forbidden to disguise AT-mines!

Locked rooms/spaces

  • There might be doors/objectives which are covered with a tarp or a door and a note stating that it is a locked door/objective. These doors/objectives are locked and cannot opened without an ingame key.
  • These doors/objectives can be broken/blown up by props which are handed out by the game masters. Breaking the door can be done by an “Engineer” and it takes 2 minutes to do so. Blowing up must be done in supervision of a game master. and before the explosion you must shout Fire in the hole.
  • It is forbidden to shoot out of or inside a locked room.


  • There will be ingame and offgame vehicles.
  • Military faction vehicles must be colored either green, black, grey, khaki or other common camouflage and they must look like they are suitable for "military use".
  • Offgame/destroyed vehicles are marked with a big orange flag and its hazard lights are on.
  • Offgame/destroyed vehicles are marked with a big orange flag and if it has hazard lights they must be turned on. Also you must have a flashing orange hazard beacon on top of the vehicle (for example: this or this)
  • Ingame-vehicles are marked with their faction flag (40cmx20cm) which is seen from every direction and smaller flag on every side of the vehicle.
  • Ingame-civilian vehicle must have clear markings on the so that they wont be mixed up with real civilians in the area!
  • Max. speed for vehicles is 20km/h. The game masters will use common sense and caution to avoid accidents when driving, still not driving faster than 60km/h that is restricted by the law. Everyone should pay extraordinary caution when driving.
  • The game masters are no taxi drivers (except injuries and emergencies). The game masters use their own judgement in transporting players in their own free time. We try to arrange in-game vehicles for both teams
  • You need to be extra careful when near vehicles
  • Some of the in game vehicles have a blocked field of view and the movement of such vehicles might also be hard or sudden. For this reason it is forbidden to go near a vehicle when its engine is running, unless the vehicle crew instructs you otherwise.
  • Vehicles must drive with their lights on in the dark and pay extreme caution when driving.
  • Passengers of vehicles cannot shoot from holes smaller than their head (e.g. between wood boards) and it is the responsibility of the owner to cover these.
  • If you want to shoot from the windows, they must be fully opened and taped to stay in place. Windows may be kept a little open for safety reasons. In this case it is not allowed to shoot out of this gap and the passangers can ignore any bb's coming in through the gap!
  • Enemy vehicle doors cannot be opened to prevent accidents. If a vehicle is surrounded it would be polite to consider surrendering.
  • Players can bring their own ingame-vehicles. All vehicles must be registered in the Kuulaportti-registration system and the vehicle must be inspected at the event site by a game master.
  • If you wish to bring own ingame-vehicle you must sign a release form in which you accept the possible damages caused by bb's or other projectiles to your vehicle.
  • It is up to the player to take care of the vehicle's mandatory traffic insurances.

Anti tank soldier

  • You can destroy vehicles by using a 40mm TAG palading color powder grenade. You can rent these from game masters in advance. Only an at-soldier can use these grenades.
  • Using other than Tag paladin grenades (for example TAG Reaper, Archangel, Velum, Pecker) is strictly forbidden! Intentional use of other grenades is followed by removal of the player from the game! The Pecker training grenade can only be used at the base for safe training.
  • There can be only one at-soldier for each group and he/she must wear an at-soldier patch or armband.
  • The patch must include an anti tank weapon. Ehasa will be selling at-soldier patches on place or in advance.
  • You must follow extreme caution when using the palading-grenade. Try not to hit other players near the vehicle or players inside the vehicle.
  • Each at-soldier must inform in advance the game masters about using the grenades in the game. We also require every user to sign a special commitment that player follows the rules.

Vehicles: Destroying, repairing and respawning

  • Hits to the vehicle’s gun turrets will NOT destroy the gun. Normal hit-rules apply for the gunner and other personnel. Game organizers sitting on top of tanks wearing reflecting vest are simulating the turret of the tank and do not take hits.
  • Vehicle can be destroyed by Anti-tank mines or by a 40 mm TAG Paladin colored powder grenades which can be rented from Ehasa ry or purchased in advance. These grenades can be only used by AT-player.
  • When the powder grenade used by at-soldier hits the front of the vehicle (preferably the drivers side window so it can be noticed) it'll be destroyed. Notice! The grenade must broke and powder mark the hit. If it only bounces from target, it is not counted as hit!
  • Heavily armored vehicles, such as tanks must be hit twice
  • When vehicle gets destroyed:
    • Driver presses the horn for a few seconds, turns on the hazard beacon, hazard lights and raises the orange flag. In addition, in the dark, the parking lights must be switched on, every time the vehicle is either stopped and destroyed.
    • The driver and gunner are eliminated and cannot be healed. Everyone else has 20 seconds to disembark from the ”burning” vehicle before they are also eliminated.
  • After the vehicle is destroyed, it should stay still at the road for 10 minutes before it can start going back to the main base for respawn. The driver must be seated in the drivers seat so he can move the vehicle in case it blocks an offgame-vehicle.
  • Destroyed vehicles can transport eliminated players.
  • Destroyed vehicle can be repaired by an engineer wearing an engineer-patch. The engineer must touch the hood or front side of the vehicle for 15 minutes. After that the vehicle is repaired and can continue playing. The next hit destroys the vehicle completely and it cannot be repaired anymore
  • If the car chooses to respawn it must return to its base where there is a separate respawn info for vehicles. At the gate of faction main base there is a board saying how long the respawn time is for vehicles. The respawn time is affected by faction tasks. Default respawn time is 1 hour.


  • Players can use their own bicycles in game. Bicycles must be somewhat military or simply very basic ones.
  • You can’t destroy an enemy bicycle and using other people bicycles is not allowed. Hiding an enemy bicycle or emptying it’s wheels etc. will result in removing player from the game!
  • Hit players can use their bicycles when moving to respawn position.
  • Players are responsible of their own bicycles and transporting them to the site.

Smoke grenades and pyrotechnics

  • Players are allowed to bring their own exploding BB- and sound grenades. see HAND GRENADES
  • Players are not allowed to bring their own smoke grenades or pyrotechnics.
  • Eventual need of ear protection will be indicated in advance by game masters.


  • The factions may have the ability to use a limited amount of artillery.
  • Artillery is ordered through the chain of command. By request, the game masters use pyrotechnics(He-shells), smokes(Smoke-shells) and other means to describe the artillery. Eventual need of ear protection will be indicated in advance by game masters.
  • Game masters point out those wounded by the artillery as well as when it begins and ends. Artillery destroys normal vehicles, armored vehicles take one hit. One artillery strike effects in approx 50 m x 50 m area.

Airborne troops

  • The factions may have the ability to use a limited number of “helicopter rides” which they can use to transport troops to almost anywhere in the game area.
  • In special circumstances, a faction can transport a limited number of vehicles by air, for example, behind enemy lines.
  • Players are transported by a game masters off-game vehicles to the desired drop point.
  • Players are back ingame, when they disembark the vehicle. The players who have loaned their own vehicles for the helicopter raid must drive back to base and after that they are back in game.
  • If a helicopter lands near the enemy main base, the enemy HQ will be informed by game masters with a 5 minute delay.

Radio-controlled aircraft/UAV/Drone

  • Players and game masters can use both ingame and offgame drones.
  • Player drones must be equipped with their faction color markings in bottom of drone and pilot's personal information.
  • Drones are not allowed to fly close to Finnish Defence Forces storages (areas with fences) or film them.
  • Shooting a drone is strictly forbidden. Attempts to shoot a drone will result in removing player from the game!
  • The user of a drone must follow Trafi's instructions and Finnish laws. For more information see
  • If you wish to bring a drone you must contact game masters [javascript protected email address] and your own faction command first.


  • You may use your own VHF/UHF/PMR446- radios so bring one with you.
  • Because the game area is big, it is recommended to bring a GSM phone so you can communicate and follow the website as well as call for help in case of an emergency.
  • Every faction will plan their own communication network together with the game masters.
  • Radio intelligence is not restricted but interference is prohibited.


  • Armbands must be at least 3,5cm wide, preferably 11cm so you can be identified better. They must go around the arm, a colored patch is not enough!
  • Your ID number has to be marked on you armband. You will get your ID number from Kuulaportti after signing up to the event.
  • You must keep your armband visible on your left arm. Only players in reconnaissance units wearing ghillie-suits can wear the armband on their left ankle.
  • Platoon, company and battalion commanders will have a special patch, which will be provided by game masters before the game.
  • Using an enemy armband is strictly forbidden unless game masters give you a special permission. Player breaking this rule will be removed from the game.


  • Uusimaa Red: AOR 2, Marpat, Cadpat, ESTDCU, LATPAT-Multi, Vegetato, Multicam, MTP, Multicam Tropical, Digital Flora, Sposn Spectre, Sumrak, Surpat, ATACS FG, ATACS IX, Pencott Greenzone, Jagel/M05 summer pattern, M05 winter woodland pattern, MP/10 camouflage
  • Pirkanmaa Yellow: Flecktarn, M84, M90, M62, M91, M98 , DPM, Partizan, Berezka grey/yellow, Flora, OD (Od, Od-Gorka, RG), Woodland (US, PL, CCE), DPCU, Belgian woodland, Tigerstripe, The old Estonian green tricolour amoeba pattern (Not ESTDCU).
  • Civilians National guard Green/valkoinen: Civilian pants(avoid OD-coloured) and desert camouflage jacket: For example DDPM, Tropentarn, 3col, 6col, Desert MARPAT, AOR1, M05 Desert, ARPAT jne. NO MTP/Multicam!
  • All other uniforms are forbidden in game. You can mix all allowed camouflage patterns any way you want.
  • If you don’t have an allowed uniform you can buy one from our partners.
  • Guns and other equipment (gloves, hats, chest rigs, combat vests) are not regulated. Please avoid using enemy camouflages in your equipment.
  • Ghillie and 3D-leaf suits, trousers, jackets, cloaks, hats etc are allowed only for reconnaissance units. Background colors of these appareals are not regulated, but we recommend those of your own side.

Muzzle velocity limits

  • Regular full auto weapons: 1.7 J
  • All support weapons: 2 J
  • Semi-automatic sniper rifles: 2,5 J
  • Heavy semi-automatic sniper rifles (ex. M83 Barret) 3 J
  • Bolt action sniper rifles: 4 J
  • Biodegradable bb’s are obligatory.
  • Full auto is strictly forbidden in close quarters combat(Tiirikylä)!
  • Owners of weapons over 1.7 J must have a secondary weapon (preferably less than 1 J) for close quarters combat.
  • Semi-automatic sniper rifles must represent a real life support weapon (SVD, M14 EBR, SR25 etc) and must be equipped accordingly with optics, bipods etc.
  • Remember to bring all the accessories with you in the chrono, so that the staff can, in confusing situations, ensure that the weapon classifies as semi-automatic sniper rifle.
  • All weapons will be chroned by game master with player’s own bb’s and output will be calculated in joules (Finnish standard). After the chroning all weapons get a colored cable tie according to gun’s power.
  • High Power Air-gun adjustment valves will be sealed after chroning. Players must bring their own seals. If the seal is removed or lost, player must get new one and bring their weapon for chroning again.
  • Designated marksman rifle specifications in order of priority:
    1. The gun should represent a real steel model of a designated marksman rifle (for example M14, SR25, SVD, SPR and so forth)
    2. The rifle must be equipped with a magnifying optic, like a rifle scope, acog or shortdot just to name a few.
    3. The rifle must have a long barrel at least 16" long (for example in AR15 weapons) If the barrel is shorter, it should be lengthened with a silencer. It is also highly recommended to use a silencer in all designated marksman rifles.
    4. The rifle should also have bi-pods attached to it. Especially in the rifles looking too much like assault rifles (for example L85, M4, RK95, AUG equipped with a regular barrel and silencer.)
    5. If you are unsure about your gun fitting in this class, feel free to take a picture of it and send it to [javascript protected email address] for further instructions and guidance.

BB and magazine limitations

  • All weapons not mentioned below: 100 bb’s/magazine
  • Support weapons: Drum or box magazine are not limited and regular magazine is limited to 100 bb’s
  • Semi- or bolt action sniper rifles: 30 bb’s/magazine
  • Hi-Cap magazines are not allowed except support weapons drum/box magazines or guns which don’t have commercial made regular magazines available.
  • In addition to magazines you are carrying, you can carry 1200 bb’s (Support weapon users 5000 bb’s) in bags/bb loaders. You can restock bb’s at your base.
  • Biodegradable bb’s are obligatory.
Exemptions for civilians:
  • Civilians can only carry bb's in the field with the amount written in their bullet cards .
  • Cards are disposable, ie. when a player withdraws bb's the amount written in the card, the card must be destroyed and disposed of. This is intended to limit the number of bb's used by civilians.
  • There are 30 and 100 bb's cards. Civilians get their cards based on roles, a pig in a poke toss-up, and if they trade them with other civilians and fighting faction players.
  • The fighting factions can get get these cards in the pig in a poke toss-up - as well as by assignments. They can use these cards for trading with civilians.
  • Example: Civilian player gets card value of 30 bb's in the pig in a poke toss-up and gains a 100 bb's card by trading. He uses a 100 bb's card, loads 28 bb's to his pistol magazine and leaves the remaining 72 balls in bb loader and destroys the card he used. The 30 bb's card he can keep for the future.

Civlian weapon rules

  • There are three (3) types of weapon cards in game
    1. Single shot weapons; pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles
    2. Semi-automatic and automatic pistols (GBB, NBB, AEP)
    3. Assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles
  • In-game civilians must keep their own weapons out of sight and use only when they possess a weapon card(s). Therefore weapon card isn’t a license but instead a prop describing the ownership of a weapon.
  • In-game civilians are allowed to carry one (1) class 1 weapon card and a weapon. Other types of weapon cards are not allowed except for National Guard, Mafia and Redmedtech. Possessing an illegal weapon card or weapon will be considered as a crime in-game.
  • When civilian is called into service with National Guard, the Guard will provide additional weapon cards for an individual. Additional cards should be returned to the Guard after the service.


  • Faction bases and all villages within game area are offgame during 02.00-08.00. Capture- and Resource points can be captured all the time.
  • HQ tents are located in faction bases and marked with faction flag. HQ tents are in game during 02.00-08.00.
  • Player’s tents are offgame except the HQ tent marked with factions flag.
  • Some of civilian buildings are offgame. In these cases building or room in it is marked with colored tape and offgame signs.
  • Players cannot use offgame areas to hide or shoot outside/inside them. To eliminate players in an offgame area clearly inform them that they are eliminated. After this players inside must place a deathrag in the doorway for others to see.

Other rules

  • The members of reconnaissance teams are not allowed to steal any stuff from the opposing faction HQ-tents. However everything inside the HQ-tent releated to commanding the faction can be documented/photographed.
  • Documents releated to commanding the faction should be left inside the tent unless for a good reason(ex. moving the HQ-tent). The rule is intended to provide a real possibility for the opposing force reconnaissance teams.
  • There are Finnish defence forces buildings in the area that are fenced and marked as banned areas in the map. If you can see the fence, leave it immediately, so you do not cause an unnecessary alarm.
  • You are not allowed to shoot through holes smaller than your own head. For example putting a barrel through boards in building wall is not allowed. Keep common sense and gentlemanly thinking in your mind with this rule.
  • Blindfire is forbidden. Player must always see where his gun is pointing.
  • All civilian players and some of the military faction players will receive an extra bonus at the registration from the pig in a poke toss-up. It can be a story related (for example a secret document), an object used releated to game mechanics (such as a bullet card or a rally point resource table) or a real money worthy advantage (for example a free grill ticket). The pig in a poke can also contain bad in game things (for example illness). Special information is provided with separate instructions to the player if necessary for example how to proceed with the illness.
  • In certain missions, props and larp elements might contain some game mechanics not included in these rules. In case of such situations instructions will always be available. Act accordingly and be ready for anything. Players are not allowed to create these game mechanics by themselves (ex. poison) without consulting game master first.