There are three civilian villages in Ilveskallio area. Tiirikylä is the largest village and it is located in the east, Hakionkylä west of Hakionmäki and a small fishing village at Hepolampi lake.


  • Armband: green+white and Player-ID.
  • Age limit: 16, factions that require application by email age limit is 18 years old.
  • Vehicles: Only vehicles provided by fellow players. No vehicles will be provided by game masters for ingame-use.
  • Civilians have a major role in game story and various missions. There is also room for your own ideas.
  • Lowered ticket price: 25€
  • Village leader: ???
  • Please send your role preference by email after booking at [javascript protected email address]
  • In the Facebook-group there will be a separate inquiry after registration related to the role of player. In addition, you can send a message via email to [javascript protected email address]
  • Facebook-group:

Civilian roles


  • Uniforms: Civilian clothing.
  • Weapons: Villagers and other civilians can carry weapons under Mafia's terms.
  • Players can do whatever they want and establish any kinds of services and groups within the faction for example: criminal band, fishing business, religious groups, taxi service, bar, restaurant etc. In addition, the National Guard, business owners and journalists may need help from the villagers.

National guard

  • You can apply to the National guard active roster by sending an open application via email [javascript protected email address]. All civilians automatically belong to the military reserve, which can be called separately during the game. If you wish to serve in the national guard reserve, you must have your own desert camouflaged jacket.
  • When mafia rose in the village it took the power from the police and established the national guard to protect the villagers from the violence of military factions. National guard is divided into small pre-selected groups.
  • Equipment:
    • Desert camouflage jacket: For example DDPM, Tropentarn, 3col, 6col, Desert MARPAT, AOR1, M05 Desert, ARPAT jne. NO MTP/Multicam!
    • Pants: Civilian, avoid OD-coloured!
    • Weapons: We recommend the lightest possible armament. Heavy weapons are not meant to be carried in regular missions. If you wish to bring a machinegun or a sniper rifle please contact the game masters on the matter
  • If possible, we will provide limited amount of LTL(less than lethal) weapons such as training OC spray, plastic telescopic batons and plastic cable ties
  • Age limit for the active roster is 18 years

Business owners

  • Business owners are the backbone of society. There are numerous business owner roles available in game and they will be supported financially and logistically by game masters if needed
  • Merchants will also get more ingame cash in the beginning of the game. If you wish to be a merchant please contact game masters in advance
  • Potential companies could be for example: firewood transport, maintenance of the sauna , store, nightclub owner, barkeeper, freight / passenger transport

Journalists, bloggers, and military-faction spokesmen.

  • Various journalists, bloggers, and military-faction spokesmen will record video and photos of the ongoing crisis situation, conduct interviews, conduct investigative journalism, and propagate the events of the region.
  • In the role of newspaper editor, independent blogger, and military-faction spokesperson, you play a key role in spreading information. In addition to playing the role of a reporter or a blogger, you can play another ingame role simultaneously / separately.
  • Game masters will provide an ingame wordpress-platform for news:
  • Full-time journalists and bloggers should join to this faction. Players who also play other role will not join to this faction. Military-faction spokesmen should join their factions's headquarters platoon.
  • Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa spokesmen can visit the villages unarmed protected by village national guard, even although the village would be controlled other fighting faction.
  • The local press is documenting the ongoing crisis and investigating events to make information available to the public.
  • After signing up, all journalists, bloggers and military-faction spokesmen must contact the game masters by e-mail .
  • Equipment: Your own camera. Press-vest is recommended.