New player?

In this page we've collected useful information to new players about the arrival to the event and the services of the nearby area.

Traveling to Finland and the game

Finland is a member of the Schengen area, so travelling to Finland from inside of the Schengen area is very easy.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will find information on from which countries you will need a visa and travel documents approved by Finland, and much more:

Find out more about Finland here:

The closest and most suitable airport is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Importing an Airsoft gun to Finland does not require a separate permit, but may require a separate guncase depending on the airline. It is good to be in contact with your airline in advance and to reserve time at airports if the authorities want to check your game equipment. If you fly through other countries, make sure to check the laws of the countries about airsoft guns.

From the airport you can rent a car or travel by train to Hämeenlinna, which leaves every hour Train tickets can only be booked up to 84 days before the trip, but the schedules are mostly the same year round.

You can also travel to Finland by boat. The main ports are Turku, Helsinki and Vaasa.

You can get to Hämeenlinna directly from Turku by only one train change.

In Helsinki you should use taxi or public transport (tram or bus) to get to the main railway station.

It is best to come by car from Vaasa.

When travelling by car, you need an European registration plate or a country tag.

If you are bringing a special vehicle, please check with the regulations/legislation concerning it.

Make sure your car is insured.

More information about insurances

The Hämeenlinna train station is 10km away from the game area.

The best way to get to the place by taxi (tel. 03 106 2500) or by arranging the ride separetely with the game masters in advance: [javascript protected email address]

Services in Hämeenlinna and near the game area

Hämeenlinna is a medium-sized city in Finland, so you will find all the necessary services from hotels to shopping malls
You can find more info about Hämeenlinna at:
About 5km from the game area you will find the following services.


Hardware store and car parts. Google maps

Prisma Hämeenlinna

A large grocery store, Pharmacy, Fast Food Services. Google maps

K-Citymarket Hämeenlinna-Tiiriö

Grocery store, Kotipizza, Subway. Google maps


Old and new armored vehicles. We strongly recommend visiting the museum. Google maps

Weather in Finland in July

Finnish July can be very warm even up to + 25 °C during the day but also cold nights are possible, allowing temperatures to drop from 0 to + 5 °C, which is aggravated by fog and moisture. So book a warm sleeping bag and clothes for cool nights. Heinäkuun keskilämpötilat.

The sun starts to set after 22:30 and the darkness takes about an hour and a half. The sun rises after 04.00. Therefore, you need to take at least a headlamp with you.

In July, heavy rains / thunderstorms may also occur in Finland during hot summers, which may take a few minutes to hours or then only occur in smaller rains. So take with you your rain equipment, just a rain cover may not be enough in wet woods. We are not that strict in faction gear limits when it comes to the rain gear.

You can check the forecast for example or

Other advices

  • If you need rental guns or other equipment, contact us at [javascript protected email address], and we will direct you to our partners.
  • If you wish, you can preorder gaer to the game area. Most of our partners offer it as an alternative option to mailing. Contact our partners directly by email if you want to pick up your gear at the game area.
  • Keep in mind that in the event you must use bio bb's and the velocities are calculated in joule based on the bb weight you use in game!
  • and for internet browsing generally, you should have a prepaid subscription. These are available in almost all kiosks in Finland (Eg. R-kioski) and larger grocery stores. In the gaming area, internet connections are not necessarily the best and the reception varies depending on the network service provider.
  • Compressed air is available at the game area through our partners.
  • For visitors from European Healt Insurance Card(EHIC) countries, we recommend that you apply EHIC card before coming to Finland and keep that card with you. Visitors from other than EHIC-countries and those who want's extra protection we recommend getting trip insurance.
  • We check payments manually once a week, so don't worry if it takes time to update your payment status.
  • If you have any other questions about the game, please contact us via email: [javascript protected email address]

We have collected lots of useful information on the players-site for the players who arrive at the event.