Other factions

There are also other factions operating in the Ilveskallio area.


  • Armband: green+white and Player-ID.
  • Age limit: 18
  • Other factions are played by selected players. If you wish to join any of the other factions below, please apply via email:

Other factions listed


  • When battles were most fierce with controlling the RSV, Mafia decided to burn down the police building in Tiirikylä and abolished the council and the police.
  • The Mafia established a national guard selected of civilians in the village, whose active roster is more or less under Mafia's command. The Mafia chose its village mayor in order to maintain its significant position in the village.
  • Despite the significant power, Mafia has allowed civilian to carry guns and to engage in active entrepreneurship. By allowing the free carry of guns and free trade, Mafia's business is running well and at the same time keeping most of the villagers happy. However, everyone has not been happy with the current situation.
  • As a result of gold mining, RSV and the activity of the fighting factions, Mafia is aiming for new opportunities to increase its power and wealth.
  • All members of the Mafia family are not well-known, but the head of the family is originally the Estonian Arno Poddikti, who is respected and greatly feared. Additionally, family members are fond of dressing up in the style of the 40s, 50s and 60s, respecting the traditional Italian Mafia.
  • You can not apply to the Mafia family, but the family recruits family members themselves among from the civilians.


  • Remedtech is an international technology company, which is known for leaving moral out of the factor when results are to be achieved.
  • ReMedTech has sent its scientists and their bodyguards to Finland to further develop the RSV by collecting gold and to research their own mysterious projects. This is why ReMedTech is not interested about who is in possession of the RSV and the area's gold mines.
  • You can recognize Remedtech's representatives from their identity cards and the "Remedtech"-texts in their clothing.
  • You can apply to the faction by sending an open application via email: [javascript protected email address].

Sewell Mining

  • Sewell Mining is an international mining company for which international sanctions have not been an obstacle for doing business in Finland.
  • Machines developed by Sewell Mining and their operators mine and separate gold from Ilveskallio's soil, which is needed to fund fighting factions, and Remedtech's research. Sewell Mining is not interested about which faction posesses the RSV and who controls the gold mines because it is the only company who has the equipment and knowledge to mine gold in the area.
  • Sewell Mining representatives can be identified from work overalls, work helmets and "Sewell Mining"-identity cards.
  • You can apply to the faction by sending an open application via email: [javascript protected email address].

International relief organization: Blue rose

International relief organzation Blue Rose main mission in the area is to clear the minefields from mines and unexploded ordnance. Many members of blue rose are from the same people who were left behind when the UN left the area after TSTOS Parola.

  • After civil war has lasted for three years, decided the international Blue Roses relief organization to send its own representatives to aid civilians and to clear up the traces of war.
  • In the Ilveskallio area, the aid agency has the task of clearing cluster bombs shot by the Ă…land and Swedish Air Force and to help the local residents humanitarianly.
  • Blue rose representativs can be indetified from blue clothing and headwear and from special identity cards.
  • You can apply to the faction by sending an open application via email: [javascript protected email address].