Welcome to the Battlegroup 2018 website.

Battlegroup 2018 is a four days long airsoft event combining milsim and larp elements. The event will be held at a Finnish Defence Forces training grounds in Hattula. Because of it's size and extensive road network the area enables the use of various vehicles, both armored and wheeled, and also supports large number of players in game.
In the past we have organized three large airsoft-events in Ilveskallio.

We have gone through more than 200 changes and improvements based on your feedback and our observations and we have our focus in especially on the following areas.

Development areas:

  • Game starts 19.7. Thursday at 20.00 and ends 22.7. Sunday at 14.00. The bases are offgame from 02.00-08.00
  • Primary language is English. The main page of the event and the registration are both in Finnish and in English. Finnish remains still as the second customer service language.
  • For vehicles, separate online registration is required in the Kuulaportti and you must get your vehicle inspected in the vehicle registration point on site.
  • We aim to clarify the event rules even more.
  • Vehicle rules (vehicle looks, faction markings, destruction marking and driving speed) have been edited.
  • We aim to outsource our grill-services to a third party if a willing service provider is found so that we can release organizers to control the game and in the end serve the players better.

    If this is not the case, we will develop our online order system further and provide the grill services ourself.
  • Additional resources are reserved for event maintenance and for example, we aim to acquire cold water showers and sinks in the faction main sites.

General Information about the event: