Civilian inquiry and civilian weapon rules

21.05.2018 · Joel Sariola

In-game civilian players are asked to answer our inquiry (Only in finnish for now, ask if needed in english) which aims to help us make better event for every civilian player. It is also made for Mafia, Remedtech, Sewell Mining, Blue Rose and National Guard factions.

Inquiry you can found from here!

Also civilian weapon rules are released. You can find them in rules -page and also here:

  • There are three (3) types of weapon cards in game
  • 1. Single shot weapons; pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles
  • 2. Semi-automatic and automatic pistols (GBB, NBB, AEP)
  • 3. Assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles
  • In-game civilians must keep their own weapons out of sight and use only when they possess a weapon card(s). Therefore weapon card isn’t a license but instead a prop describing the ownership of a weapon.
  • In-game civilians are allowed to carry one (1) class 1 weapon card and a weapon. Other types of weapon cards are not allowed except for National Guard, Mafia and Redmedtech. Possessing an illegal weapon card or weapon will be considered as a crime in-game.
  • When civilian is called into service with National Guard, the Guard will provide additional weapon cards for an individual. Additional cards should be returned to the Guard after the service.