Presenting Uusimaa Battalion Commander!

28.01.2018 · Joel Sariola


My name is Paavo Piironen, and I will be the Battalion Commander for Uusimaa in the upcoming event. I worked as the Battalion XO on Pirkanmaa's side in the last year's TSTOS event.

Our HQ Platoon staff will come to the event well prepared, motivated and full of excitement. Our goal is to create an environment for Uusimaa where our troops can function and co-ordinate as effectively and effortlessly as possible. We want to encourage all leadership capable personnel, as well as people who might simply be interested in taking leadership positions, to step up and sign up for company commander, platoon leader, squad leader and/or fireteam leader roles. Our HQ Platoon staff will provide full support for all leaders before and during the event.

I believe that this upcoming event will be unique for all of us!